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“Ukrcons” is a leading consulting firm, that was created to assist foreign and national entrepreneur in the building and expanding their business in Ukraine. We understand the region and the philosophies that drive it, but most importantly, “Ukrcons” team of qualified experts understand how to optimize the potential of each organization.
Since our inception we have accumulated vast international experience in dealing with companies of different business areas and public offices as well. The range of consulting company “Ukrcons” services includes: 

Business and Investment Consulting;

global business

Real Estate, PR & HR services, Schengen Visa;

Guide for foreignerstemporary residence permit,

permanent residence permit, work permit in Ukraine;

 Business Registration and Business Liquidation;

Accounting Outsourcing.

“Ukrcons” is a team of qualified professionals, whose combined experience and unique approach permit us to offer the best solutions, even to the most difficult problems, that are developed individually due to the Client’s needs.
Thus, our team’s considerable experience and individual approach to solving different business challenges assist plenty of foreign investors to secure a positive result in a number of important questions, which arose inevitably in the course of investment activity on the territory of Ukraine. We do our best to create values that meet our clients` expectations as well as make a significant contribution to the prosperity and development of their businesses.
Our mission is to help companies which operate in Ukraine to achieve excellent business results, because we believe that the success of our company depends on the success of our clients and together with our clients we build models of success!
We believe in joint success and ongoing partnership with our clients. We are always on our clients’ side and provide them with excellent value for their investment. We invest in continued learning and professional development.
“Ukrcons” consulting firm has an extensive knowledge in Real Estate, building and agriculture land issues on the territory of Ukraine and successful experience in supporting investment projects. That’s why we take on challenges, that enable creating values, unleash potential, inspire hope and create new opportunities.

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