Maintenance of Legal Entities

bookkeepingAlong with legal presence in Ukraine you also need to have accounting and taxation which is specific and differs from IFRS. We provide to you services on tax accounting and also financial and managerial accounting and can assist you with your accounting services during start-up phase. 
Consulting company «Ukrcons” offers you the possibility of outsourcing your entire accounting in Ukraine. Especially for smaller and medium-sized enterprises, such outsourcing will lead to higher cost efficiency and will enable you to focus primarily on your core business in Ukraine. 
The benefits of working with “Ukrcons” are the following: 
- years of accounting outsourcing experience; 
- complete help to analyse your needs, offer consulting knowledge;
- assistance of accounting of any complexity for new or existing businesses; 
- you can do accounting partly: salaries, fixed assets, etc. 
Among our accounting services are:
1. Financial accounting. Our accounting specialists perform the input of the documents into 1C system, calculates and pays salary, prepares payment orders through “client-bank”, prepares financial reports, and solves other accounting issues;
2. Tax accounting. We calculate and optimize taxes, prepare tax reports, and analyze every transaction to identify possible tax risks and inform you about the options of further actions.
3. Management accounting. Our accountants will help you to define the most important information needed for decision making. It differs depending on the type of the business.
4. HR accounting. Our qualified accountants will help you to employ the person, to record vacation, to dismiss employee in proper way, and prepare all necessary documents.
Maintenance of legal entity includes:
- single tax payers of the 3 group;
- general system without VAT;
- general system + VAT;
- general system without activity.
Our main tasks are to do faithfully your accounting, provide you with consulting support, take care of your documents, help you with financial management and first of all to determine the optimal tax system and assist in its implementation in order to minimize your company's expenses.

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