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How to Get GST RegistrationIf your goal is to: legalize a small business in Ukraine, produce and sell goods with low expenses, provide services or sell products to enterprises, entrepreneurs with a small cost of expenses, register your business with low monthly expenses and with a simplified method of accounting, - the best way out for you is registration of business activity as individual entrepreneurship.

An individual entrepreneur or a private entrepreneur (IE/PE) – is the simplest form of small business, the name of which is the surname, name and patronymic of the businessman. The legal address of the entity is its place of registration in the passport. It operates on the basis of statements of state registration.  Opening PE/ IE is more favorable to those entrepreneurs that have a small start-up capital, and just beginning their business. Our company specializes in starting a business (shops, cafes, restaurants, manufacturing, etc.), obtaining all permits, licenses, certificates and subsequent support of business (legal, personnel and accounting services) .

How to register a private entrepreneurahip?

First step – is to register a private entrepreneur to the state registrar. Documents needed for business registration are the following: a copy of the passport; the identification number; form №10 – Registration card on the state registration of individual entrepreneur; receipt (state duty) for state registration.

Second step – is to obtain extracts from the state register (a document certifying that you – the entrepreneur).

Third step – it is necessary to determine the tax system on which you conduct business. After the state registration of all entrepreneurs are the payers of income tax from natural persons at the rate of 18% of the profits. Choosing the simplified taxation system of 1, 2, 3 groups must be made ​​within 10 days after the registration of the IE by coming to the tax office of certain district, and (after consultation with the inspector) to write an application. Documents needed: the passport; the tax number; the extract. the application to transfer you, as an entrepreneur, to a simplified taxation system (considered within 5 working days); the application for the registration books of revenues and expenses (considering over 10 working days); book of income and expenditure for the entrepreneurs who have chosen a simplified taxation system of 1,2,3 groups.

Fourth step – in 3 working days after the application of the simplified system of taxation is satisfied and you are registered as payer of the unified tax, you should come to the tax office (fiscal services) and write the corresponding application for extract from the Register of payers of the unified tax.

Fifth step – in 2-10 working days return to the tax office (fiscal service) and pick up: extract on the status of a unified tax payer; the Book of income and expenditure; current accounts and schedule of payment of taxes and contributions.

Sixth step – obtaining a stamp (if necessary). You need the stamp for: concluding contracts, international contract; for a cash, tax documents for the sale of goods and services or for the waybills of transportation of goods.

Seventh step – opening a bank account. You need to register a bank account if you are entrepreneur who provide services to perform the work, selling products outside of Ukraine or will receive payments on their current account.

Eighth step – in connection with the transition of accounting and tax reports in a fully electronic format, you also need to get certified electronic keys and conclude relevant agreements with tax authorities, pension fund and state statistics.

Ninth step – Cash register.

Taxation of PE/IE. There are three groups of the unified tax:

1. The restrictions for the first group: the amount of income: no more than 300 000 UAH per year; wage-labor is eliminated; allows operation only in the following activities - retail sale of goods to trade places in the markets; provision of services to the population's household; the rate of unified tax: 1-10% of the minimum wage. The minimum wage is 3200.00 UAH. Ten percent - 320.00 UAH;beside this entrepreneur in this group makes the following payments - unified tax and unified social fee.

2. The restrictions for the second group: the amount of income: no more than 1 million UAH per year; allows operation only in the following activities - provision of services to a unified taxpayer and the population, produce and / or sell goods at retail or wholesale to all market participants, economic activity in the field of restaurant business; wage-labor – up to 10 persons at a time; the rate of unified tax: 2-20%. The minimum wage is 3200.00 UAH. Twenty percent - 640.00 UAH; beside this entrepreneur in this group makes the following payments - unified tax and unified social fee. 

3. The restristions for the third group: revenues must not exceed 5 million UAH per year; type of activity: all except banned for a simplified system; wage-labor: unlimited; the rate of unified tax is 3% of revenue for VAT payers or 5% of revenue for non-payers of VAT.

Documents required for registration of individual entrepreneurs:

  • Tax identification  number;
  • Passport (for citizens of Ukraine);
  • Residence Permit (for foreigners or stateless person);
  • A notarized power of attorney for representatives of our company (to represent your interests  in business registration process);
  • Registration form.

The range of our services concerning registration of individual entrepreneurship:

  • Consultation on registration;
  • Consultation on the choice of type of activity;
  • Consultation on taxation;
  • Obtaining, recovery of tax number for foreigners, stateless persons, citizens of Ukraine. 
  • Registration as unified tax payer in state register. 
  • Registration of book income. 
  • Registration as VAT payer. 
  • Opening a bank account. 
  • Registration of the cash register. 
  • Registration of electronic keys for filing reporting documentation. 
  • Preparation of Extracts of VAT, unified tax payer, statistics certificate. 
  • Obtaining of a stamp. 
  • Registration of trade mark. 
  • Licenses, permits, approvals, certificates, etc. 
  • Preparation and obtaining of documents for opening of outlets: tents, coffee cars etc. 
  • Preparation of documents for opening shops of cooking fast food, cafes, restaurants stores
  • Preparation of documents for opening production facilities for the production of furniture, building materials, products of metal, wood and others. 
  • Accounting services. 
  • Legal services.
  • Residence permit (registration of foreigners) for 1 year. 
  • Obtaining a residence permit for foreigners and stateless persons.

Thus, conducting of business is always followed with settlement operations. It is recognized that the tax system is the most complex in the conduct of accounting, it has a lot of controversial issues. It is very important to strictly maintain the primary documentation. Therefore, accounting and tax accounting should be engaged by only a very experienced specialist, because only experienced and qualified specialist will save your company from the administrative and criminal prosecution. On the issue of obtaining the services of such a professional you can always contact the consulting firm “Ukrcons”.  We will provide any service for your need, and in a short time.

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