Work Permit

rabota dlja inostrancaWork permit is an official document, which is prepared by employers in accordance with the law for the job placement of foreign citizens. The work permit is issued by the regional Centre of Employment for one year with renewal option up to four years. According to procedures established by law, employment of foreigners without authorization shall be prohibited; otherwise, the sanctions are imposed on the company by the public authority with the further deportation of foreign citizens from Ukraine. The decision to grant a work permit or a denial of it is taken not later than 30 days from the filing of all required documents to the State Employment Center.

Documents required for obtaining of work permit:
1. An application from employer.
2. Work permit (in the case of its extension).
3. 2 color photos (3,5 x 4,5 cm size, with a foreigner’s name on the back-side).
4. Justification of grounds for employment of foreign employees.
5. Certificate from State Tax Service confirming employer’s payment of taxes and fees.
6. Certificate from District Employment Center confirming that the employer has no debts to the Social Insurance Fund for temporary disability.
7. Form 3-PN, which is fed to the Employment Center (initial submission) - a copy.
8. Receipt confirming the payment of State fee (of 4 minimal salaries).
9. A copy of the project of the labor agreement (contract) of the employer with the employee - a foreign citizen.
10. A certificate from the employer confirming that the post does not require access to the "secret information" or Ukrainian citizenship.
11. While primary execution of work permit the certificate of no criminal record in the country of residence is needed (Apostilled or legalized depending on the country of issue, with notary translation into Ukrainian).
12. Certificate of no criminal record in Ukraine if a foreigner is located in Ukraine (formerly located in Ukraine).
13. A notarized copy of the Charter.
14. An Excerpt or Extract from the Unified State Register.
15. The copies of documents confirming the education (Apostilled or legalized Diploma, depending on the country of issue) or qualification of a foreigner with notary translation into Ukrainian.
16. A copy of the foreigner’s passport (with notary translation into Ukrainian).
17. Complete Enterprise details.
18. General information about prospects of work.
19. The post a foreigner aspires to.
20. Autobiography of a foreigner in free form.
21. The power of attorney to represent the interests of the employer in the Employment Center.
Based on the above documents we prepare a set of documents for obtaining of work permit in Ukraine.
As a rule, the permit is issued for one year and extended to 4 years of a foreigner’s work in Ukraine.
Consulting firm “Ukrcons” is ready to provide promptly and professionally the range of services for obtaining work permits for foreigners.
Our services of obtaining of work permit in Ukraine include the following:
1. Counseling on order of obtaining of work permit for a foreigner;
2. Obtaining of a certificate from STS confirming employer’s payment of taxes and fees.
3. Obtaining of a certificate from Employment Center.
4. Assistance in translation of documents required to obtain a permit.
5. Preparation of the project of labor agreement (contract) with a foreigner;
6. Preparation and submission of the necessary documents to the State Employment Center;
7. Representation of the client’s interests on commission meeting;
8. Obtaining of work permit in Ukraine.


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