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vidpasportConsulting firm “Ukrcons’ provides services in obtaining of permanent residence permit in Ukraine. According to the Law of Ukraine "On Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons", foreigners may immigrate to Ukraine for permanent residence or employment for a period in established order. To obtain a permanent residence permit, one must obtain an immigration permit. Foreigners and stateless persons, who immigrated permanently, receive a permanent residence permit. Immigration permit is granted to certain categories of immigrants, either within the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine immigration quota or out of the immigration quota.

The first group - the persons within the immigration quota. The list of categories under the quota is stated in Article 4 of the Act. They are:
1. Figures of science and culture necessary for the country;
2. Highly qualified specialists and workers, a sharp requirement in which is perceptible for an economy Ukraine;
3. Persons who invested in the economy of Ukraine on a sum no less than the 100 000 (one hundred thousand dollars of the USA);
4. Full (siblings) brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter of the citizen of Ukraine;
5. Persons who have previously been Ukrainian citizens;
6. Parents, spouse and minor children of immigrants (the person who obtained permanent residence);
7. Refugees and persons who received asylum (after 3 years of residence);
8. Victims of traffic in persons (after 3 years of establishing the status).
The second group - the persons who may become immigrants in addition to the quota. They are:
1. One spouse if the other spouse, with whom he was married for over two years, is a citizen of Ukraine;
2. Children and parents of citizens of Ukraine;
3. Persons who are eligible for citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin;
4. Persons who are guardians or trustees of citizens of Ukraine, or who are in ward or under the tutelage of citizens of Ukraine;
5. Persons whose immigration is of state interest for Ukraine;
6. Ukrainians abroad, foreign spouses of Ukrainians, their children, in case of common entry and residence on the territory of Ukraine.
A person, who resides permanently outside Ukraine, to enter must first get permission to immigrate. After that, the diplomatic mission or consular office of Ukraine grants immigrant visa, which is valid for one year from the date of issuance. Obtaining of a permanent residence on the territory of Ukraine provides foreigners and stateless persons with significant benefits. One of the advantages is that a foreigner or a stateless person can freely enter Ukraine without visa at any time.

Another benefits:
length of stay on the territory of Ukraine is not limited to the terms of short-term stay in Ukraine (90 out of 180 days from the date of first entry);
no need to get permission to use the work of a foreign citizen (work permits) for the formal employment in Ukraine;
• permanent residence on the territory of Ukraine eliminates the need for medical insurance costs, visa fee, mandatory for foreigners and stateless persons entering the territory of Ukraine etc.;
the period of validity of the permit for permanent residence is not limited (as opposed to a temporary residence permit which has to be renewed annually), it will be exchanged on coming of 25-or 45-year-old age only.

The list of documents required for registration of permanent residence in Ukraine:
1. Application for execution of permanent residence permit in Ukraine.
2. Original of foreigner’s passport, a copy of the page with personal data, visa and stamp of crossing the border (or immigration card).
3. Notarized translation of passport page with foreigner‘s personal data into Ukrainian.
4. A notarized copy of the immigration permit. If the immigration permit is issued simultaneously with the permanent residence, additionally all the documents, provided by the order of receiving an immigration permit, should be submitted.
5. Documents on the availability of housing in Ukraine where a person is eligible to register.
6. Medical certificates.
7. Certificate of no criminal record in Ukraine.
8. Certificate of no criminal record in the country of nationality.
9. 4 photos 3,5 x4, 5 cm (matt).
10. Receipt confirming the payment of State duty.
11. Receipt confirming the payment for SMSU services.
12. A copy of Ukrainian ID number.
13. Power of attorney.

Our services in obtaining of permanent residence permit in Ukraine include:
1. Counsultations concerning reception of permanent residence permit for te foreigner;
2. Preparation of necessary documents;
3. Submission of the application and required documents to SMSU;
4. Obtaining of permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

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